Lymphoma Mouse Model: a useful model for rapid biological and therapeutic evaluation


  • A preclinical model to assess single or multi-agent therapies for lymphomas (cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cell lines, B-cell lymphoma cell lines and PDX model)
  • A robust, reproducible and quick (15 days) model for in vivo drug testing
  • Preclinical evaluation of cutaneous lymphoma proliferation, tumor growth and migration


Jean-Philippe MERLIO
Sandrine POGLIO
Bordeaux Research in Translational Oncology (BaRITOn, U 1053) 


Nom : Lucile Tran,
Titre : Healthcare Project Manager,
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  • Original method of intrahepatic injection of CTCL into adult immunodeficient mice
  • Engraftment validated with aggressive (My-La, HUT78, HH, MAC2A, MAC2B) and indolent (FE-PD, MAC1) CTCL cell lines, DLBCL cell line (HLY1) and patient-derived CTCL xenograft
  • Migration and cell spreading assessment in blood, kidneys, lungs, spleen …
  • Model validation with methotrexate as positive drug control treatment


  • Preclinical studies in appropriate and relevant model of cutaneous and other lymphomas
  • In vivo screening of therapeutic molecules in different compartments
  • Compatible with imaging or monitoring methods of cutaneous lymphoma cells and other lymphomas


This technology is protected by a patent application

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