TMJ prosthesis: New-generation temporomandibular joint prosthesis


This technology is based on functional analysis of TMJ and an innovative concept which makes it possible to prepare the implant more systematically.

Its ergonomic design and the highly-simplified connection of the implant to the bone considerably reduce side-effects and restore natural mobility. The trauma associated with surgery is considerably reduced, leading to a significant reduction in the cost to society of treating this pathology.


Institut de Mécanique et d’Ingénierie de Bordeaux (I2M, UMR 5295)
Antonio RAMOS
Aveiro UniversityPortugal


Nom : Jean-Luc Chagnaud,
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  • This temporomandibular joint (TMJ) prosthesis represents a major medical breakthrough.
  • Its totally new link concept restores the patient’s natural mobility.


This innovative system offers many advantages :

  • Direct integration into the lower jaw,
  • Natural distribution of the forces exerted on the lower jaw,
  • Less stress on the bony tissues,
  • Restoration of natural mobility,
  • Easier to implant, thus reducing operating time.

The key innovation of this prosthesis is that it establishes an intraosseous connection, thus ensuring a physiological transmission of actions, respect for natural movement, and a reduction in the need for resection.


Patent application: WO 2014/023903 A2


Maturation with Aquitaine Science Transfert led to the realization and the validation of a prototype

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