PROJANUS: Mass production process of bifunctional particles for high tech applications


Projanus is a new process which can modify any conductive micro or nano-object, to an asymmetric and bifunctional micro or nano-object. The induced anisotropy in color, charge density or reflective index could open the way to cheap pixels with high refreshing rate.

Janus particles are used in numerous industries:

  • Micro and nanoelectronics,
  • Chemical catalysis
  • Stabilization of emulsions,
  • Therapeutic,
  • Medical imagery,
  • Photovoltaics…



Alexander KUHN
Institute of Molecular Sciences
(ISM, UMR 5255)


Nom : Carlos Larraya Titre : Business Developer / Project Manager Chemistry Mail :


The technique, based on bipolar electrochemistry, presents a big use flexibility. It allows a wide range of Janus particles formation, in terms of materials, sizes, forms and nature of the modification.

The process allows formation of Janus particles from 200 microns to 50 nanometers, isotropic or anisotropic, with a controlled form and .



This new production technique for asymmetrical particles allows :

  • Mass production of particles,
  • Increased manufacturing speed (few minutes),
  • Size control of particles (from 200µm to 50nm),
  • Moderate cost,
  • Possible Scale-Up for the industry ( three dimensional technique)


Patent application: WO 2012/085399 A1


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