Probiobucco: 5 Probiotic strains for oral health


  • The Bacteriology of Oral Diseases Laboratory has identified 5 lactobacilli with beneficial effects on the oral cavity.
  • These 5 probiotic strains target oral care market:
    • Periodontal disease (gingivitis and periodontitis),
    • Halitosis (bad breath),
    • Caries.

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Marie-Cécile BADET
UFR d’Odontologie, Université de Bordeaux


Nom : Christophe Zabawinski ,
Titre : Chef de Projet Sciences de la Vie,
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The 5 strains followed the same selection procedure :

  • Adhesion test on glass tube: verification of the production of exopolysaccharides confirming that the bacteria can adhere to hard tissues,
  • Hydrophobicity test,
  • Co-aggregation test with bacteria responsible for periodontal disease and halitosis,
  • Test of antibacterial activity against potentially pathogenic strains in the oral cavity,
  • Saliva survival test: resistance and stability of probiotic candidates in the salivary environment.
  • Safety Test: Verification that strains do not produce compounds responsible for bad breath,
  • Immunogenicity test to understand the local immune response.


Benefits of Probiotics VS Antibiotics / Antiseptics in Oral Health:

  • Rebalancing of the microbial sphere.
  • Difficulty of action of antibiotics / antiseptics in dental plaque.
  • Probiotic bacteria are an integral part of dental plaque.


The maturation with Aquitaine Science Transfert leads to the characterization of 70 buccal lactobacilli strains

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