Phosphate Glass Fiber RPL dosimeter


The unique properties intrinsically photosensitive of this phosphate glass fiber allow applications in various markets, where detection of ionizing radiation is needed as:

  • Nuclear safety,
  • Medical Radioprotection,
  • Medical Radio therapy,
  • Aerospace.


Sylvain DANTO
Institute for Solid State Chemistry Bordeaux (ICMCB, UPR 9048)
Yannick PETIT
Center for Intense Lasers and Applications (CELIA, UMR 5107)


Nom : Matthieu Ayfre Titre : Business Developer / Project Manager Engineering Sciences Mail :


The innovation concerns the development of phosphate glasses intrinsically photosensitive and their drawing in the form of fiberglass for dosimetry systems.


  • Sensitivity of the fiber to X ray, Alpha, Gamma, Electrons and Protons,
  • Glass transition temperatures (Tg ~200-400 °C) and low temperature drawing (TFibrage ~500-700 °C) of the phosphate glasses,
  • High active surface,
  • Possibility of new shapes like : The matrix allow the real-time positioning of the patient and the monitoring of the dose and / or the energy deposited,
  • Wide, lightweight and potentially flexible dosimeters.


Patent application: WO 2016/184770 A1

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