GaME: Game for Music Education


  • Video game for musical instrument learning
  • The solution is adapted to different instruments (guitar, piano, saxophone, percussions …)
  • GaME can be used:
    • In music schools
    • On e-learning sites
    • As an Edutainment


Pierre HANNA
Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI, UMR 5800)


Nom : Elodie Duru Titre : Business Developer / Project Manager SSH-ICT Mail :


  • Use of a real instrument as an input controller
  • Chord detection via chroma computation , using the EHPCP (Enhanced Pitch Class Profile) algorithm
  • Distinguishing between major and minor chords
  • Sheet music editor
  • Quantitative data representing the game state and the player’s interactions with the game : time spent, chord played, final score, etc.
  • Use of motivation mechanisms from Game Studies (narration, play, emotion, etc.)


For the learners:

  • Promotes learning through a more regular practice
  • Maintaining motivation by the game universe

For the parents

  • Monitoring child progression and attendance

For the teachers:

  • Educational tool for real-time analysis and monitoring of player performance
  • Personalization of teaching according to the evolution of the learners



Maturation with Aquitaine Science Transfert has led to the development and protection of this software



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