CAUMBOT: Spatial Coding & Decoding of Audio Objects


The technology consists in a multichannel encoder (see fig.1 ) / decoder (see fig.2 ) system.

The novelty is the generation of extracts, in addition to the regular mix (i.e of the artist), which allows the decoder to separate tracks at the desired quality level.

These additional data are generated adaptively, block by block, thereby reducing the additional data rate.


Stanislaw GORLOW
Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI, UMR 5800)


Nom : Elodie Duru Titre : Chef de Projet / BD - Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société - TIC Mail :






This innovative system of music encoding and decoding allows a separate control of a sound scene components. The user becomes able to move and manipulate the « active tracks » in the acoustic space.

CAUMBOT is a compact and reversible encoding system, intended for active listening (interactive music, HD audio, 3D audio, cinema, home cinema…).


  • Allow the control of the elements of a sound scene (volume, location …).
  • No creation of a new multitrack format, the files remain in a standard compiled format.
  • Some tracks can be locked to prevent their modifications.
  • “Active tracks” are not accessible separately without the decoder.


Patent applications: WO 2010/116068 A1, WO 2013/053631 A1, WO 2014/048970 A1


A demonstration prototype of the en/decoder is available on demand

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