AMEADYS : Dynamic Range Enhancer

AMEADYS : Dynamic Range Enhancer APPLICATIONS On modern music media (Compact Disc and digital music), the sound is encoded on a digital format [...]

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INDEME: A targeted approach for depigmentation disorders

Identification of a core molecule X1 involved in melanocytes detachment responsible for depigmentation in vitiligo and post-inflammatory skin disorders Ex vivo analysis −Higher X1 expression in vitiligo patients’ skin and sera compared to healthy subjects −Vitiligo patients: Positive correlation between X1 level and the body surface area involved POC in vitro: −Inhibitors targeting X1 prevent melanocyte detachment in a 3D-induced depigmentation model

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TMJ prosthesis: New-generation temporomandibular joint prosthesis

This technology is based on functional analysis of TMJ and an innovative concept which makes it possible to prepare the implant more systematically. Its ergonomic design and the highly-simplified connection of the implant to the bone considerably reduce side-effects and restore natural mobility. The trauma associated with surgery is considerably reduced, leading to a significant reduction in the cost to society of treating this pathology.

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