HOBIT: Hybrid Optical Bench for Innovative Teaching

HOBIT: Hybrid Optical Bench for Innovative Teaching DESCRIPTION HOBIT is a Virtual Michelson Interferometer, This virtual-reality environment which replaces an optical bench mostly [...]

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GaME: Game for Music Education

GaME: Game for Music Education DESCRIPTION Use of a real instrument as an input controller Chord detection via chroma computation , using the [...]

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AMEADYS : Dynamic Range Enhancer

AMEADYS : Dynamic Range Enhancer APPLICATIONS On modern music media (Compact Disc and digital music), the sound is encoded on a digital format [...]

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UNIVERSLIDE: A versatile imaging chamber to observe biological samples in 3D/4D – suitable for all kinds of microscopes

Chamber frame designed to receive a coverslip (optical access from the bottom) Clip-on PDMS gasket to guarantee the system tightness Agarose substrate with an array of little wells Upper lid with second glass coverslip to seal the device and to provide optical access from top No stress nor strain on the sample, to guarantee the sample integrity

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