Phosphate Glass Fiber RPL dosimeter

Phosphate Glass Fiber RPL dosimeter APPLICATIONS The unique properties intrinsically photosensitive of this phosphate glass fiber allow applications in various markets, where detection [...]

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Vuln!! Path it now!!

The main application of this technology is to improve glazing durability, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance. All glass industry is concerned : building glazing, mirror of solar panels, screen of electronic devices.

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Atlas of Intrinsic Connectivity of Homotopic Areas (AICHA)

AICHA is a brain regional atlas dedicated to the anatomical / functional human MRI data analysis. AICHA parcellation provides a regional functional homotopic description of the brain making it a powerful tool for the study of brain hemispheric asymmetries.

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volBrain: Automated MRI brain volumetry system

volBrain is a Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) brain volumetry system. It is intended to help specialists to obtain automatically volumetric brain information for their MRI data for any infrastructure in their local sites.

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Multi-element capacitive-ultrasonic transducer with air-coupling and variable focusing

Non-destructive test (NDT) or evaluation of various kind of materials (metals, polymers, composites, wood...). NDT is integrated into existing systems for monitoring, pilotage and support systems in aeronautics, agri-food, automotive, shipbuilding, mechanics, metallurgy, nuclear, Transport... Materials characterization through NDT has two main applications: Detection and dimensioning of defects (in a part or assembly); The indirect measurement of material characteristics (strength, hardness…).

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Self-adaptive drilling technology

The self-adaptive technology aims at improving drilling operation, particularly in multi-stacked material (metal / composite). Aeronautical Automotive Wind turbine

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CINSARC: Complexity INdex in SARComas

Around 30,000 new cases of sarcomas are diagnosed every year in the US and EU Sarcomas are rare cancers for which treatments and prognoses can vary widely The classification and prediction of the metastasis risk is particularly difficult and currently the analysis is based on a histological grade. Such analysis is not very accurate and can often leads to sub-optimal patient management

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MULTI Gb/s PLASTIC WIRE is a valuable alternative for copper link or wireless in data transmission. With the future expected increase of data traffic and the increase in transmission frequencies, cheap, multi-gigabit and low energy data transmission over meters distance are required.

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