UNIVERSLIDE: A versatile imaging chamber to observe biological samples in 3D/4D – suitable for all kinds of microscopes

Chamber frame designed to receive a coverslip (optical access from the bottom) Clip-on PDMS gasket to guarantee the system tightness Agarose substrate with an array of little wells Upper lid with second glass coverslip to seal the device and to provide optical access from top No stress nor strain on the sample, to guarantee the sample integrity

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Bioactive implants

This project aims to develop orthopedic implants based on titanium functionalized with intelligent antibiotic systems. Antibiotic release systems (widely used to prevent infections during orthopedic surgery) are controlled by a change in pH on bone implants typically observed in bacterial infections.

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3D printed occlusal & condylian guide

Fully based on 3D approach, the technology implements a four steps method from virtual planning of an orthognathic mandibular osteotomy to the production of a simple and reliable device to conduct surgery, including: Acquisition and surface extraction; Virtual planning; Modelling & printing; OCPD evaluation.

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Probiobucco: 5 Probiotic strains for oral health

The 5 strains followed the same selection procedure : Adhesion test on glass tube: verification of the production of exopolysaccharides confirming that the bacteria can adhere to hard tissues, Hydrophobicity test, Co-aggregation test with bacteria responsible for periodontal disease and halitosis, Test of antibacterial activity against potentially pathogenic strains in the oral cavity, Saliva survival test: resistance and stability of probiotic candidates in the salivary environment. Safety Test: Verification that strains do not produce compounds responsible for bad breath, Immunogenicity test to understand the local immune response.

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BACTERIOLOGICAL MICRO REACTOR: Bio-reactors made of Silica allowing micro organisms cascade reactions

Little balls made of porous Silica encapsulating micro organisms that can then proliferate easily in all the pores The micro organism proliferation following this new production way is twice more efficient (both in terms of speed of proliferation and of population per volume) than classical sol-gel method Cascade reactions can be implemented and then create more synergies and catalytic effects

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Lymphoma Mouse Model: a useful model for rapid biological and therapeutic evaluation

Original method of intrahepatic injection of CTCL into adult immunodeficient mice Engraftment validated with aggressive (My-La, HUT78, HH, MAC2A, MAC2B) and indolent (FE-PD, MAC1) CTCL cell lines, DLBCL cell line (HLY1) and patient-derived CTCL xenograft Migration and cell spreading assessment in blood, kidneys, lungs, spleen … Model validation with methotrexate as positive drug control treatment

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