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The main application of this technology is to improve glazing durability, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance. All glass industry is concerned : building glazing, mirror of solar panels, screen of electronic devices.

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Multi-element capacitive-ultrasonic transducer with air-coupling and variable focusing

Non-destructive test (NDT) or evaluation of various kind of materials (metals, polymers, composites, wood...). NDT is integrated into existing systems for monitoring, pilotage and support systems in aeronautics, agri-food, automotive, shipbuilding, mechanics, metallurgy, nuclear, Transport... Materials characterization through NDT has two main applications: Detection and dimensioning of defects (in a part or assembly); The indirect measurement of material characteristics (strength, hardness…).

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Vibration-assisted drilling

Vibration-assisted drilling APPLICATIONS The technology aims at improving drilling operation, particularly in multi material drilling (metal / composite). Aeronautical Automotive Wind turbine [...]

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