AMEADYS : Dynamic Range Enhancer

AMEADYS : Dynamic Range Enhancer APPLICATIONS On modern music media (Compact Disc and digital music), the sound is encoded on a digital format [...]

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APPS CRAVING – ADDICTION : A personal coach aiming to reduce substances consumption or addictive behaviors

The application assesses the patient state of mind, his/her need in advices and support : instantaneous intervention which offers an adapted solution for every situation. True support to stop and/or to reduce the consumption of substances, or to reduce addictive behaviours. Relevant for all kinds of addictions linked to substances consumption : tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaïne, etc. Relevant for all kinds of addictions linked to addictive behaviours: gambling and games of chance , food, etc.

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3D printed occlusal & condylian guide

Fully based on 3D approach, the technology implements a four steps method from virtual planning of an orthognathic mandibular osteotomy to the production of a simple and reliable device to conduct surgery, including: Acquisition and surface extraction; Virtual planning; Modelling & printing; OCPD evaluation.

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Logiciel Tulip : visualisation de grands graphes

Présentation de la technologie Tulip est un « coeur » de plateforme de visualisation et d’analyse de données relationnelles, composé d’algorithmes de visualisation pour analyser les [...]

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Système d’ amplification de signaux

Présentation de la technologie Photo credit: jcubic / Foter / CC BY-SA Notre technologie est un système d’ amplification de signaux en émission dont la bande [...]

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