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Lymphoma Mouse Model: a useful model for rapid biological and therapeutic evaluation

Original method of intrahepatic injection of CTCL into adult immunodeficient mice Engraftment validated with aggressive (My-La, HUT78, HH, MAC2A, MAC2B) and indolent (FE-PD, MAC1) CTCL cell lines, DLBCL cell line (HLY1) and patient-derived CTCL xenograft Migration and cell spreading assessment in blood, kidneys, lungs, spleen … Model validation with methotrexate as positive drug control treatment

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QUANTI-HLAb: An In Vitro Diagnostic Kit for transplant recipients

Innovative technology based on Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) in a capture mode, Access to HLA antibodies’ active concentration and affinity, Active concentration (high capture level) and affinity (low capture level) of several sample/HLA targets can be performed on the same chip.

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