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volBrain: Automated MRI brain volumetry system

volBrain is a Magnetic Resonance Imagery (MRI) brain volumetry system. It is intended to help specialists to obtain automatically volumetric brain information for their MRI data for any infrastructure in their local sites.

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Lifeline guided Unmanned Aerial System

The solution proposes to connect an UAS onto a lifeline in order to perform SHM (Structural Health Management) or surveillance operations. A electronic ring allows the connection with the wire providing the UAS with real-time evolution information. The UAS naturally follow the lifeline to address its specific mission with no human intervention. It is particularly adapted to situations where a lifeline is installed to perform classical human inspection intervention and may be a substitution solution to some of them according to the inboard sensor.

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GaME: Game for Music Education

GaME: Game for Music Education APPLICATIONS Video game for musical instrument learning The solution is adapted to different instruments (guitar, piano, saxophone, percussions [...]

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3D printed occlusal & condylian guide

Fully based on 3D approach, the technology implements a four steps method from virtual planning of an orthognathic mandibular osteotomy to the production of a simple and reliable device to conduct surgery, including: Acquisition and surface extraction; Virtual planning; Modelling & printing; OCPD evaluation.

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